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Sia Arawiel Batardur EmptySia Arawiel Batardur Wahl_k10Sia Arawiel Batardur Empty 

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Sia Arawiel Batardur

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Beitrag von Umbra Mo Dez 03 2012, 19:18

Sia Arawiel Batardur
Female Elf
Sorceress 4
Gesinnung: Chaotic Neutral
Alter: 132
Sia Arawiel Batardur Winter_Mistress_by_keelerleah
10 (+0)
15 (+2)
12 (+1)
17 (+3)
10 (+0)
16 (+3)

HP 15
Current HP

Langschwert: 1d8, kritisch 19–20/x2
Dolch: 1d4, kritisch 19–20 x2
Studded leather armor: Armor Bonus +3, Maximum Dex Bonus +5, Armor Check Penalty–1, Arcane Spell Failure Chance 15%
Backpack, common: Capacity: 1 cubic ft./60 lb.
Clothing, Traveler's Outfit
Kit, Cooking
Tent (small, 1 Person)

Initiative +6 = 2 [Dex] +4 [Improved Initiative]
Hero Points 1
Base Speed [ 30 (6 sq.) ]

AC [15] = 10 +2 [Dex] +3[armor]
Touch AC [12] Flat-Footed [13]

Base Attack Bonus +2
Basic Melee Attack +2
Basic Ranged Attack +4

Concentration: 1d20+3+3 (+Level+Charisma Modifier)

Fortitude Save +2 = 1 [base] +1 [Con]
Reflex Save +3 = 1 [base] +2 [Dex]
Will Save +4 = 4 [base] +0 [Wis]

CMB +2 = 2 [BAB] +0 [Str] +0 [size]
CMD +14 = 2 [BAB] +0 [Str] +2 [Dex] +0 [size] + 10

SKILL Total + Ability Mod. + Ranks + Misc.
Acrobatics* +6 = DEX 2+1+3
Appraise +10 = INT 3+1+3 +3 [Raven Familiar]
Bluff +7 = CHA 3+1+3
Climb* +0 = STR 0+0+0
Craft +7 = INT 3+1+3
Craft +7 = INT 3+1+3
Craft +7 = INT 3+1+3
Diplomacy +3 = CHA 3+0+0
Disable Device*† +2 = DEX 2+0+0
Disguise +3 = CHA 3+0+0
Escape Artist* +2 = DEX 2+0+0
Fly* +6 = DEX 2+1+3
Handle Animal† +3 = CHA 3+0+0
Heal +0 = WIS 0+0+0
Intimidate +7 = CHA 3+1+3
K (Arcana)† +7 = INT 3+1+3
K (Dungeoneering)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Engineering)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Geography)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (History)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Local)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Nature)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Nobility)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Planes)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
K (Religion)† +3 = INT 3+0+0
Linguistics† +3 = INT 3+0+0
Perception +6 = WIS 0+1+3+2 [elf]
Perform +3 = CHA 3+0+0
Perform +3 = CHA 3+0+0
Profession† +4 = WIS 0+1+3
Profession† +4 = WIS 0+1+3
Ride +6 = DEX 2+1+3
Sense Motive +3 = WIS 0+2+1
Sleight of Hand*† +2 = DEX 2+0+0
Spellcraft† +7 = INT 3+1+3
Stealth* +2 = DEX 2+0+0
Survival +0 = WIS 0+0+0
Swim* +0 = STR 0+0+0
Use Magic Device† +7 = CHA 3+1+3

* Armor Check Penalty 0
† Trained Only

  • Improved Familiar
    This feat allows you to acquire a powerful familiar, but only when you could normally acquire a new familiar.
    Prerequisites: Ability to acquire a new familiar, compatible alignment, sufficiently high level (see below).
    Benefit: When choosing a familiar, the creatures listed here are also available to you. You may choose a familiar with an alignment up to one step away on each alignment axis (lawful through chaotic, good through evil).
  • Improved Initiative (Combat)
    Your quick reflexes allow you to react rapidly to danger.
    Benefit: You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.

  • Havoc of the Society
    Through countless hours studying vast libraries of arcane power, you have learned how to cause greater damage to your foes.
    Benefit: Whenever you cast a spell that deals damage, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the total damage dealt. This damage is considered force damage regardless of the type of damage dealt by the spell.
  • Gifted Adept
    Your interest in magic was inspired by witnessing a spell being cast in a particularly dramatic method, perhaps even one that affected you physically or spiritually. This early exposure to magic has made it easier for you to work similar magic on your own.
    Benefit: Pick one spell when you choose this trait. Whenever you cast that spell, its effects manifest at +1 caster level.

Carrying Capacity
Light Load: 33lbs.
Medium Load: 66lbs.
Heavy Load: 100lbs.
Lift Over Head: 100lbs.
Lift Off Ground: 200lbs.
Push or Drag: 500lbs.

3 Bonus Languages (Int): Draconic, Gnome, Orc

Sorcerer Bloodline: Elemental (Fire)
Elemental Resistance (Ex): At 3rd level, you gain energy resistance 10 against your energy type.

Sorcerer Spells Per Day
Level 1: 6 + 1 [Cha]
Level 2: 3 + 1 [Cha]
Sorcerer Spells Known
Level 0:
  • Elemental Ray (Bloodline Power): Range: 30 ft., ranged touch attack, 1d6+2 points of fire damage (+1 for every two sorcerer levels). You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier (+3).
  • Mage Hand: Range: 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels, one non-magical, unattended object weighing up to 5 lbs. (2,5 kg), Duration: concentration
  • Dancing Lights: Range: 100 ft. + 10 ft./level, Up to four lights (all within a 10-ft.-radius area), Duration: 1 minute, The dancing lights must stay within a 10-foot-radius area in relation to each other but otherwise move as you desire (no concentration required): forward or back, up or down, straight or turning corners, or the like. The lights can move up to 100 feet per round. A light winks out if the distance between you and it exceeds the spell's range.
  • Message: You can whisper messages and receive whispered replies. Range: medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)=140 ft., Duration: 10 min./level=40 min.
  • Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft., Duration: concentration (up to 1 min./level)
  • Spark: Range: 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels, makes an unattended Fine flammable object catch on fire, Duration instantaneous
  • Light:Causes a touched object to glow like a torch, Range: touch, Duration: 10 min./level=40 min.

Level 1:
  • Burning Hands: Range: 15 ft., Area cone-shaped burst, Duration instantaneous, Any creature in the area of the flames takes 3d4 (1d4 per level) points of fire damage
  • Shield: Range: personal, creates an invisible shield of force that hovers in front of you. It negates magic missile attacks directed at you. The disk also provides a +4 shield bonus to AC. This bonus applies against incorporeal touch attacks, since it is a force effect. The shield has no armor check penalty or arcane spell failure chance. Duration: 1 min./level,
  • True Strike: Next attack roll +20
  • Unseen Servant: Range: 25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels, Duration: 1 hour/level,
    Description: An unseen servant is an invisible, mindless, shapeless force that performs simple tasks at your command. It can run and fetch things, open unstuck doors, and hold chairs, as well as clean and mend. The servant can perform only one activity at a time, but it repeats the same activity over and over again if told to do so as long as you remain within range. It can open only normal doors, drawers, lids, and the like. It has an effective Strength score of 2 (so it can lift 20 pounds or drag 100 pounds). It can trigger traps and such, but it can exert only 20 pounds of force, which is not enough to activate certain pressure plates and other devices. It can't perform any task that requires a skill check with a DC higher than 10 or that requires a check using a skill that can't be used untrained. This servant cannot fly, climb, or even swim (though it can walk on water). Its base speed is 15 feet.
    The servant cannot attack in any way; it is never allowed an attack roll. It cannot be killed, but it dissipates if it takes 6 points of damage from area attacks. (It gets no saves against attacks.) If you attempt to send it beyond the spell's range (measured from your current position), the servant ceases to exist.

Level 2:
  • Burning Gaze: Range: personal, Duration: 1 round/level= 4. Your eyes burn like hot coals, allowing you to set objects or foes alight with a glance. Target: Fortitude Save negates -> 1d6 dmg -> Reflex Save negates -> catch fire -> 1d6 dmg every round if Reflex Save doesn't succeed

Special Abilities
Low-Light Vision
Elven Immunities: Immune to magic sleep effects. +2 to saves vs. enchantment
Elven Magic: +2 to caster level checks vs. spell resistance. +2 to Spellcraft (magic item properties)
Keen Senses: +2 Perception
Weapon Familiarity: longbows, composite longbows, longswords, rapiers, shortbows, composite shortbows. Any weapon with 'elven' in its name is treated as a martial weapon.
Bonus Languages: Celestial, Draconic, Gnoll, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Sylvan

1 Bloodline Spells
Eschew Materials
2 Bloodline Powers

Als man Sias magische Fähigkeiten erkannte, war sie noch sehr jung. Trotzdem ihre Eltern wussten, dass so ein Talent für denjenigen, der richtig damit unzugehen wusste, ein Segen sein konnte, fanden sie es etwas befremdlich, dass ihre Tochter (auch über das Kleinkindalter hinaus) Freude daran hatte, mithilfe von Magie Dinge anzuzünden. Sias Vater war selbst kein Magier, aber er sah auch so, dass Sia in der Hinsicht aufgrund ihrer natürlichen Begabung und Kreativität keinen Lehrer für magische Belange brauchte, sondern einen Mentor, der sie lehrte, dass große Macht auch große Verantwortung bedeutete und dass der Weg der Magie nicht nur Ehrgeiz, sondern auch Besonnenheit erforderte. Mit dem Gelehrten Dalir Sil'Gaildurhan, einem guten Freund ihres Vaters, fand sie einen Mentor, der ihr diese Dinge sowie Philosphie, Moral, fremde Sprachen und Grundwissen auf allen möglichen Gebieten näherbrachte. Dennoch ist sie immer ein Freigeist geblieben.
Das Spiel mit der Feuermagie, die für sie mehr ist, als Hokuspokus - nämlich ein fester Bestandteil ihres Lebens und ihrer Persönlichkeit -, macht ihr noch heute großen Spaß. Aber immerhin hat sie das Zündeln, das ihr in ihrer Kindheit öfters Ärger eingehandelt hat, aufgegeben.
Zurzeit reist sie durchs Land, wissbegierig und darauf bedacht, die Magie ihrer Umgebung und in sich selbst zu ergründen und ihre Fähigkeiten auszubauen. Dazu versinkt sie öfters - wenn sie Ruhe hat - in einen meditativen Zustand.

Begleiter: Balthasar (Spitzname: Thar)
XP 65
N Tiny animal
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Perception +6

AC 14, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+2 Dex, +2 size)
hp 3 (1d8–1)
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +2

Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (average)
Melee bite +4 (1d3–4)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.

Str 2, Dex 15, Con 8, Int 2, Wis 15, Cha 7
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 6
Feats Skill Focus (Perception), Weapon Finesse
Skills Fly +6, Perception +6

Supernatural Ability: Speak (Elven)

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Alter : 30
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Laune : voll motiviert

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